Respect Them and They Will Respect you Back

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It’s very important for the management to ask their people about their expectations. I am not talking about monetary expectations but it’s about how well you are treating them in the workplace.

And it’s not only about management, it is also about how well we treat each other at the workplace. Our happiness is very much related to our work.

A very common quote that I had heard while pursuing my MBA was

“Happy employees are the productive employees”

and while working in the corporate for last 6 years I have now realized the real meaning of this statement.

Does it really matter?

Yes, It really matters for employees that how management and co-workers are treating them, and if we are lagging behind to think about how others are feeling then it will have the following consequences:

  • They will stop respecting the peoples around them,
  • Become less motivated,
  • They will lose commitment towards their work and organization,
  • It will affect the other team members as well.

And all these above points will negatively impact your workplace and the organization.

“Inspired performance starts with workplace dignity and respect” –S.Chris Edmonds

How they judge your behavior?

Employees always analyze how you are treating them whether it’s verbal or non-verbal.

One can judge respect by the way employer, co-workers are treating them. And how the organization establishes new rules and policies, how they introduce the new procedures to employees, and even how they are compensated, rewarded and recognized.

How frequently employers or co-workers are asking for their opinions and involving them in discussions. Every point will directly impact the performance of an individual.

How can we improve the workplace dignity and respect for one another?

There are few very easy ways that can positively improve the workplace environment and these points are applicable to all of us.

  • Pay Attention: It is very important to give equal importance and personal attention to everybody at the workplace whether it’s an individual or your seniors or juniors. Always try to address them properly. If you are very busy with your work then try to respond them with an auto-generated messages.
  • Behave in a Proper Manner: Even if you don’t agree with another person then please don’t misbehave with them, There is no need to make faces or giving harsh comments or replies. Try to project yourself at their place. How do you want others to behave with you?
  • Stop Gossiping: Workplace gossips are mostly negative, especially for the person who is the subject of the gossip. It will destroy the trust and lower down the morale of an individual that will result in low productivity. Try to avoid it.
  • Develop Potential: Try to actively help you subordinates and co-workers to achieve their goals and invest in them to develop their careers. It will give them a feeling that you care for them and think about them.
  • Be Respectful: Treating people with dignity and respect is very important if you are a supervisor or from management.Your words and actions have a tremendous impact on the way your employees feel about themselves and their value to your department.

This is not only applicable to employers or managers but also on the individuals.

  • Involve Everyone: This will give them the sense of value and when people feel valued, they will easily raise the level of effort and commitment towards the success of the company.

The work will be more enjoyable if everyone is treated with Dignity and Respect in the workplace.

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