Can you Hire An Ex-Entrepreneur

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It’s a great idea to hire entrepreneurs and as a recruiter, I will never miss a chance if the candidate has the background of Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs don’t like them to work in comfort zone, they are always keen to explore some new opportunity that is there on the market.

There are various reasons that can motivate an ex-entrepreneur to draft their resume again and start applying for jobs. It can be success, failure or maybe they are looking for some new challenges.

But some of the hiring managers think that entrepreneurs won’t be able to adjust to the job role as they are free spirits and one more reason to reject is stability with same work every day. But there are various other reasons that will encourage you to hire entrepreneurs.

  • Out Of Box Thinking: It’s in their genes to think outside the box, they can contribute a lot of ideas in your projects with their personal experiences as well as innovative approaches.
  • Strong Leadership: The most important quality of Leaders is to have big ideas and ability to communicate it well. And these big ideas are the result of a proper thinking and detailed study with unique strategies. They also have great influencing power which makes it easier for the team member to work with them. Ex-Entrepreneurs have these qualities, they have the skills to solve complex problems with their creative thinking. They are also very good at building a team and managing them. So if you are looking for a person with strong leadership skills them ex-entrepreneurs will get 5 out of 5.
  • Optimism is their power: Entrepreneurs mostly carry an optimistic approach. They will never talk about what they can’t do. They always have the spirit of “I can and We can”. This is the most needed factor of teamwork.
  • Risk Takers: As per their nature ex-entrepreneurs are always ready to take a risk in implementing new and innovative approaches in the projects. Neither they will work in comfort zone nor will they allow others to be in comfort zone.

A personal suggestion, if you are hiring an ex-entrepreneur, then never let them get bored. And you should try to create a culture of innovation at your workplace and always challenge them to do something new.

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