All About DevOps, That Recruiters Should Know !

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Have you heard about DevOps?

Most of us as an IT Recruiter must have heard about the term DEVOPS or you must be working on DEVOPS Engineer requirements. This is the latest term in IT industry.

If not, here is the answer what DevOps is:

  • DevOps is not a tool, it’s not even a methodology. It’s an idea to make software development more efficient and effective.
  • DevOps is a combination of software development and operations.
  • In the traditional way of SDLC, development team and IT operations used to work separately. DevOps is a great idea of getting both the teams together and give the most effective results. It is in association with Agile methodology.

Why are companies opting DevOps?

Devops is highly desirable by many organizations as it is giving faster deployment of codes, lesser interruption while deployment and it is very reliable.It’s a bridge between software building and operations required to support it.

Who are the best fit as a DevOps Engineer:

Generally, Software Developers are the best fit for DevOps profile because this job requires a candidate with sound experience in programming (good in scripting). Candidates that are having System Admin and QA Automation profile can also be considered if they have strong software and coding background, and who are able to handle operations while deployment and software release.

What should Recruiters look into the candidate’s profile?

It is hard to digest but most of the DevOps Engineers don’t have Devops Engineer Title, generally, DevOps candidates hardly use DevOps term in their resume. As a recruiter don’t go only for the job title of a candidate look at their projects and skills that they are using.

Below there is an explanation about the skills and tools that are used by DevOps Engineer:

Agile Practice and DevOps: DevOps is very closely associated with the agile practice. Both the practice is based on continuous improvement. Or else you can say DevOps is an extended version of agile. Look for someone who is aware of the agile practice.

Look for Scripting Language: There are few scripting languages used by DevOps Engineers, look for these languages and ask some question regarding that for screening. Languages like- Erlang, Go, Java, Python, Ruby.

Operating System: Good DevOps Engineer will extensively work on the following Operating Systems: Linux, Ubuntu

Common Terms: There are some common terms that are used by DevOps Candidates and these terms are related to DevOps process Configuration management

  • Containerization
  • Monitoring
  • Orchestration
  • Release
  • Virtualization

Tools used by DevOps Engineer: While screening DevOps candidates ask them some question related to tools that they have used on their work. There are some specific tools that DevOps engineer uses in each process. Ask some questions with regards to these tools:

  • Release- Jenkins, Travis, Teamcity
  • Configuration Management- Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Cfengine
  • Orchestration- Zookeeper, Noah, Mesos
  • Containerization- AWS, Openstack, Vagrant, Docker, Vagrant
  • Virtualization- Amazon EC2, Vmware, Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Continuous Inspection- Sonarqube, HP Fortify, Coverity
  • Continuous Integration- Jenkins, Travis, Teamcity

Where to find DevOps?

Most of the good DevOps Engineer are not very active on professional sites like LinkedIn or you can say they are passive candidates because every company needs them. Look beyond such sites, go for Hacker news, StackOverflow, Github.

And you can join the DevOps related groups on Facebook and LinkedIn:

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