Screen JavaScript Candidates like An Expert

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JavaScript is a programming language that is generally used for web development. This scripting language is becoming more and more popular among developer to create interactive websites but is also used in many non-browser environments

There is a saying in JavaScript world – “Day without new JavaScript framework is a day lost”

If you go through the Stackoverflow Survey about most trending technology. From last 4 year JavaScript is on the top:


The reason JavaScript is so famous,  its because most simple, versatile and effective languages that can extend the functionality of websites. We know that JavaScript technology is trending in IT market and JavaScript developers are in demand and it;s raising at very great extent.

While sourcing JavaScript Developer, Recruiters should keep few things in mind:

  • JavaScript is very easy to learn, nowadays many developers are learning tiny part of JavaScript and mention it in their resume, and shows they are expert in it. We have to weed out such candidates.
  • Recruiters need to source candidates for the framework that is just created, and it’s very hard to find such candidate but we have an alternative, find a candidate that are having very good experience in core and pure JavaScript language.
  • Recruiters should understand the requirement clearly whether they want JavaScript developers to work on Server- Side or on front End (Web or Mobile), be specific what kind of JavaScript developer you are looking for.
  • JavaScript Developers work on Front End and it includes Website, Mobile Apps and Desktops App etc. Different JavaScript Frameworks are used for different platforms. That we will discussion further.

How to evaluate and screen JavaScript candidates:

Don’t worry if you are from non-technical background. Below table can help you to screen a JavaScript Developers based on skills that are mentioned in Job Descriptions. Compare the required skills with skills that candidates have mentioned in their resume.

Skills Mentioned in JD

Keywords to Screen Resumes

JavaScript JS OR JavaScript OR ECMAScript
For Node JS Developers Or JavaScript Backend Developer Node.js, Sails, Express, Grunt/Gulp (build tools for Node.js) OR Server-Side JavaScript framework

You can also search for testing tools like Karma, Jasmine, MOCHA

Frameworks: Express.js, Hapi.js, Koa, Sails, Meteor

Hybrid Mobile Apps Search for candidate how have mentioned Angular JS or React JS

Along with these skills search for following Frameworks: Sencha Touch, Ionic, Apache Cordova, IntelXDK

JavaScript Testing Tools Casper, Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Karma
Server-side applications Search for Express JS, Hapi, Koa, or Meteror
MV* Frameworks Search for a candidate who has worked on Ember, Knockout or Angular 1.x
MVVM Frameworks KnockoutJS, Kendo MVVM and Knockback.js
MVC Frameworks Search for a candidate who has worked on Backbone Js or Ext Js

Hope this article will help you to screen JavaScript Candidates like an Expert. Let me know if there is any point I have missed out.

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