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Today, I got a random message on Linkedin by one of my recruiter friend asking me about the Boolean searches for Java and .net candidates, I thought why not write an article to benefit my fellow recruiters who have just started their career in IT recruitment.

What is Boolean Search?

“Boolean search is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results.”

Boolean search help’s you to get most relevant resumes and result from portals and search engines as well like Google, LinkedIn, Monster, GitHub, Stack overflow.

Below I will explain you about Boolean keys that are used for searching candidates:

Boolean Keys:

  • AND– AND operator will give the exact keywords of technology skills that you are searching. For instance: You want a candidate for JAVA Architect position than your BOOLEAN search will be – JAVA AND ARCHITECT
  • OR- This operator will give you a result on the basis of either or. For example- you want to search a candidate “TEAM LEAD” OR “TECH LEAD”
  • NOT – The NOT operator will not deliver show words in your search results. For example, Suppose you want developers and avoid the resume that has testers, who mentioned developer keyword then your search will be Developer NOT Tester 
  • ( ) Brackets Or Parentheses- This ( ) operator allows you to group terms and builds longer search strings.For example- You want a software developer that have experience in Java and .Net both. So Boolean search will be as follows Software Developer (Java AND .Net)
  • * (Wild Card) – The * operator is a wild card. If you add wild card (*) it will find words contain the wild card. For example: if you search Program* will help so you do not have to run separate searches for words similar like Program, Programming, and Programmer.
  • “ ” – Double quotations will give you that exact search result. Simply type the word or phrase enclosed within double quotation marks. For example: “Java Developer”

Boolean Strings by Job Title:

You can search candidate on the basis of job title that hiring manager wants, below are the Boolean searches based on Job Title:

.Net Developer

.Net and (VS or “Visual Studio”) and (VB or “Visual Basic” or and (ASP or and (C# or and “SQL Server”

Android Developer
Android AND SDK AND Java AND SQLite AND (SVN OR subversion)

Automation Tester
(“qa” or “quality assurance” or “quality analyst” or “automation tester”) and (“cast” or “cste” or “cmst” or certified or certification)

(cto OR “chief technical officer” OR “cio” OR “chief information officer” OR vp OR “vice president” OR svp OR “senior vice president”)

Business Intelligence Analyst
(“Business Intelligence” or “BI”) and SQL and (SSIS or SSRS or SSAS or “integration services” or “reporting services” or “Analysis Services”) and (“Business Analysis” or “Business Analyst” or “System Analysis” or “System Analyst” or “Business System Analyst”)
Database Administrator
(“database administration” OR “database administrator” OR “DB Admin” OR DBA) AND (SQL OR “SQL Server”)

Sr. Programmer – C++, Linux
(programmer OR engineer OR developer) AND (Linux OR Unix) AND (redhat OR centos OR fedora) AND (“c” OR “c++”) AND sql AND (perl OR “php” OR shell) AND (postgre OR analy OR test OR design OR deploy OR execute)

Help Desk Support

(helpdesk or support or technician or “help desk” or “service desk”) and (OSX or JDE or iSeries or virtual or virtualization or vmware) and (“AD” or “Active Directory”) and DHCP and DNS and (network or networking) and (switches or switching or routers or routing) and (firewalls or security)

Information Security Manager
“Information Security” and (“Project Manager” or “Project Management” or Leadership or Manager or PMP) and (forensic* or Security+ or CISSP or “security Standards” or “Certified Information Systems Security Professional” )

Linux Systems Administrator
(Unix or Linux) and (RedHat or “Red Hat” or Centos or Debian) and (SMTP or DHCP or DNS or LDAP or NFS or SMTP or HTTP or SNMP) and (“Systems Administrator” or “System Administrator” or “Systems Administration” or “System Administration”)

Mobile Applications Architect
(ios or iphone or ipad or android) and (SDK or SDKs) and (Java or objective-c or “objective c” or C++) and (optimization or “web services” or UX or user-experience or “user experience” or “Mobile Applications” or “Mobile Developer”)

OBIEE Architect
(OBIEE or “Oracle Business Intelligence”) and (“DW” or “data warehouse” or “datat warehousing”) and (IBOTS or DAC or RPD or SME or OOTM or BIAPS or OBI or ETL or informatica)

PHP Developer
PHP and SQL and (PostgreSQL or “Pervasive SQL” or Intranet or Linux or Apache or Javascript or HTML or CSS)

Java Developer
Java AND SQL AND (“object oriented” OR object-oriented OR “OO” OR “OOP” OR “OOAD” OR EJB OR J2EE OR Linux OR Hibernate OR Jidesoft OR MySQL OR Subversion OR SVN)

Project Manager
(“project manager” or “project management” or PMP)

Python Developer
(programmer or developer or engineer) and python and (mysql or “my sql” or “my-sql”or postgresql) and (django or flask )

Senior PHP Developer
(programmer or developer or engineer) and “php” and “sql” and lamp and linux and apache and “javascript” and (jquery or memcache or “apc cache” or nosql or “no sql” or “no-sql” or analytical or analysis)

SharePoint Developer
(“SharePoint Designer” or “SharePoint Developer”) and (html or css or xsl or xslt or javascript or jquery or ajax) and .net and ( or C# or and (Silverlight or “SQL Server” or SSRS or SSAS or “reporting services” or “analysis services”)

SQL Data Analyst
(“dba” or “data analyst” or “database administrator”) and “sql server” and (“transact-sql” or “t-sql” or “tsql”) and (“stored procedures” or “ssis” or “ssas” or “ssrs” or analy or “data conversion” or query or queries or “data mining” or excel or pivot or vlookup or “v-lookup” or chart or graph or “ms office” or audit)

Sr. Data Warehouse Architect & Developer

(Architect or develop* or program* or engineer) and “sql server” and “data warehousing” and perl and (microstrategy or profiler or “data hygiene” or “etl” or computations or aggregations or analy* or quer* or index or design or deploy or test)

Sr. Linux Administrator
(“dba” or “database administrator” or “linux administrator”) and linux and apache and (redhat or fedora or centos) and vmware and (tomcat or mysql)

User Experience Designer

(“User Experience” or User-Experience or UX or “Human-Computer Interaction” or “Human Computer Interaction” or HCI) and CSS and HTML and JavaScript and (jQuery or user-centered or “graphic design” or “visual design”)

Web Designer
html and javascript and css and (photoshop or illustrator or adobe) and (flash or actionscript or macromedia) and (“Java Server Pages” or JSP or Java or “Active Server Pages” or ASP or “Google Web Toolkit” or XML or Oracle or IIS) and SQL

Technical Account Manager
(“account manager” OR “project manager” OR “program manager”) AND software AND develop* AND “sql server” AND “data warehousing” AND technical AND marketing

Web Developer
(html or html5) and (css3 or css) and javascript and (“Web Developer” or “Web Design” or xml or jquery or Ajax)

Keep Calm and Source The Best:)

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