Writing Tips To Craft An Impeccable Resume

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If you are aware of the job market, your resume needs to immediately stand out of the crowd. Recruiter and hiring manager spend less than 10 seconds to scan your resume, in that 10 seconds you have to impress them with the way of your resume writing.

As a technology market is growing, competition is also increasing; job seekers are facing tough competition. And they have to shine among others.

But fact is that no resume can get you job at the top tech companies. All it does is to get you to the next stage of recruitment process.

While formatting your resume, keep these things in mind:

  • Who’s reading your resume?
  • Their goals?
  • What will be the effective way to deliver?

Avoid these basic mistakes in your job application to minimize the chances of rejection:

  1. Typos
  2. Inconsistent format
  3. Poor portfolio
  4. Too many pages
  5. Grammatical errors
  6. Objective doesn’t matches with a job description.

8 Tips to make your profile to clear the next stage:

1- Include the basics –The following items are required at the very top of your resume:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • LinkedIn Profile

You can even add these elements to make your resume stronger:

  • Link to an online portfolio.
  • Blog URL
  • Twitter feeds

2- Lead with a summary- To capture the attention of hiring manager, one should mention a short professional synopsis, that will contain your experience, work history, achievements and area of expertise. Impress them at the start of your resume.

3- Be ATS Friendly- Many small and big companies are using software to extract unwanted resumes. So keep your information in the standard format.

“These Application Tracking Systems (ATS) parse the resume to extract details like email addresses and phone numbers. ATS looks for patterns in resumes and extracts information accordingly.”

If your resume is not in standard format, there are chances that ATS won’t read important information from your resume. Also, make sure to hyperlinks appropriate words.

4- Don’t be too fancy- Don’t use too much tables and graphics. As we have discussed in the previous point, in many companies ATS is parsing resumes before any human looks into the information. So if you upload the resume with tons of graphics, it’s not going to get parsed properly and you might be rejected in the first round itself.

5- Guide your reader- Internet has changed the reading behavior of individual, they don’t prefer reading top to bottom. Infect they don’t read, they scan the resume. So guide your reader by using bold, cursive letter to highlight your achievements.

6- List the skill sets and clients- List Previous Clients and Skill Set in the beginning of your resume so that recruiters and hiring managers can easily find the information they are looking for without wasting their time.

If you mention these skills at the top of your resume because recruiters will scan your profiles on the basis of skills requires. Best recruiters also look for the most recent project that you have worked on. It will be in your best interest if you mention the list of client & companies you have worked for because recruiters and hiring managers always want to know with whom you have worked and what projects you’ve been on. If they can’t find it easily then your resume has failed in its purpose.

7- List projects with URLs- First thing any recruiter or hiring manager wants to see is your work. It is a great idea to show your work by mentioning the project URLs.

8- Don’t lieDon’t try to fool the hiring manager. The technology market is very transparent and there’s a good chance that you’re going to run into someone who knows the truth. It’s even better not to lie because someone will find it out some day or other. Be honest about your work in any project and the level of involvement that was there from your side.

Note- Don’t put everything on your resume, remember resume should be not more then 2 page even if your experience is of 30 years.

Keep it simple and precise.

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