Do recruiters get put off by a “plain text” resume?

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My answer to Do recruiters get put off by a "plain text" resume?

Answer by Aditi Sharma:

As a recruiter, we will prefer as resume that is formatted properly and easy to read. If 2 candidates is sending their resume and both of them are having same skill set that is required, the recruiters will always prefer a candidate whose resume is properly formatted in Rich Text or in PDF.

But, if you are uploading the resume to any job sites, or company portal then you can prefer plain text CV because it will be easier for machine to parse it.

Nowadays resume parsing is done by each and very job sites and career portal for them if you are providing .TXT format file then it will parse easily and effectively.

So from now onwards if you are sending a presonalised resume to recruiters then always try to provide them a properly formatted document

Do recruiters get put off by a "plain text" resume?

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