Tips For Making LinkedIn Profile Noticeable

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LinkedIn is already become a very important website not only for searching job but also for searching candidates. Most important thing is LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool.

Why LinkedIn???

start_with_whyLinkedIn is place where HR managers and many recruiters hanging out.This is a place where you have an opportunity to get connected and do the networking. So its a big possibility they are looking for you.

If you are already there on linkedin then go ahead and increase your possibility of get noticed.

What recruiters want to know?frustratedbusinessman

From your LinkedIn Profile recruiters wants to know about you before they need you. Your profile should represent you and it should reflect your skills, background, experience, ted with what you have done in your past, education, in short everything.

How to catch the recruiters eye?

Below are the very simple, but effective tips to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Update your work summary: Keep it short and simple, include your area of expertise and give a brief about your work profile.
  • Keep your experience up to date: include all the companies that you have worked with and duration as well.
  • Grow your network
  • Start blogging: Share your contents like blogs, articles, your research to get positioned in market, that will help you to do personal branding.
  • Get a mind of recruiter: Think like a recruiter, they are more focused on keyword searches. So mention the keywords that matches your profile and skills, it will improve your position in the recruiters search result.
  • Recommendations: Ask for recommendations and referral from your superior, subordinates, clients. It will give a good impact on the recruiters, who are visiting your profile.
  • Join Groups: Be a part of groups that are relevant to your profile, post relevant articles and participate in discussions.

Hope This Article Will Help You To Improve Your LinkedIn

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