“Tempt The Talents To Join Your Start-Up”

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Hiring is a huge step for any start-up. To start a company, your biggest challenge is hiring amazing people. An essential thing for the start-up is to hire self-motivated people to make the working environment energetic and charged. And the most challenging part is to retain the talent you have hired.

Hiring is the hardest part:

The toughest challenges for new technology- based company is to hire best and highly skilled talents. As they are in its very first stage with limited funds. Big Brands and Service based companies can easily hire the candidates as they can offer them a handsome package with lavish perks, coupons, and other bonus.

Now a day job seekers are very demanding than even before.

Counteract for hiring at Start-ups:

Forecast you hiring

As per the research and survey was done by The Society Of Human Resource Management, Hiring is the largest investment done by employers. So when is come for hiring more talents company should determine what type and how much talents are needed.

They should consider the following point while hire forecasting.

  • If a company is launching some new product.
  • If they are expanding their business in other cities or states.
  • If company is revising its goals

Bringing the right people on board a business can make all the difference, and it’s particularly important for start-ups to lure the best and brightest talent. Any mistake on this front would take a direct hit on their capability as a business and slow down their progress. Since resources (including talent) are scarce for any start-up, it is important that they perform optimally. Here, every person’s contribution counts and a wrong hire will only ruin the equation.

Approaching Candidates:

So as we know that start-ups are not a big brand. Large firms have a product and employer brand that can attract applicants. Start-ups don’t have any  name recognition, big infrastructure , large clientele. We have to keep a different approach for attracting talent.

As a start-up, you have to highlight your best side that big brands

Few of the best things about start-ups:

  • The start-up doesn’t judge you on what you wear; they will judge you for your work.
  • They don’t have any time constraints, they work 24×7.
  • They know the value of time and money, not just there, but of employees as well. Payments are prompt and decisions are quick.
  • Start-ups are the expert analyst. They will observe your process and identify inefficiencies throwing up essential constructive feedback almost spontaneously

Let your prospects know about the benefits and learning experience that they can gain from working with start-ups

35e004cChris Bromfield

Innovation and Development Manager at Acorn Recruitment Ltd

“I’d have to say one of the best things about working with start-ups has to be the fact that you can find yourself working with a team that is very knowledgeable, highly passionate and truly enthusiastic about what they do. This sparks inspiration on every level, leading to truly innovative ideas and developments that help your business stand out against competitors. 

Working with a start-up is also a wonderful way to learn how to innovate within your own organisation. Entrepreneurs are great people to learn from — flexible, hardworking and most importantly they have a desire to identify a problem and they find a new efficient way to solve it”

7 Key Points for start-ups to attract and retain talents:

  1. Don’t wait for Perfect candidate to come at your door, approach them:

Be aggressive while hiring a candidate, you should go in market and approach them. They will not come to you because there are lots of well establish brands that are ready to hire them.

  1. Build your brand:

The Brand image of a company plays a big role in attracting and retaining the talents. Current employees of companies can be the best brand ambassadors for business. Word of mouth is more effective than any other brand promotion tools, give them the monetary incentive for successful referrals to achieve the best talent quickly.

  1. The work matters:

For attracting talents you have to show some exciting goals and work about your business that will motivate the candidate to work with you.If your company trying to do something big, good people are going to work with you, even they will do marketing of your company in their circle.

  1. Be clear:

If you want to do a successful hiring, you need to make a picture of your dream candidate. Before draughting a job description to be clear about the position of your company, what you are doing, what is your current position and what is your culture.Give a brief about all the above things to your candidate and then recruit.Follow simple and quick process.

  1. Psychology matters:

Psychology plays a crucial role while hiring candidates, you want to hire people who are reliable, trustworthy, and effective — people who will grow with your company.Try to hire a candidate with the similar psychology of your organisation.

  1. Give them flextime and work life balance:

There is a large pool of candidate who prefer to work as a freelance or work part-time because of their personal responsibility, but it doesn’t mean that they are not worthy. This pool includes talented women as well who now want to work from home.Try to hire such kind of talents; they are likely to stick around longer. They will be ready to negotiate on salary but also you can save your office resource by hiring them.

  1. Empowering and engaging employees:

Once you attract the talent, next step is to retain the talents. Open communication is essential in order to engage and empower employees. Management should clear their expectations, communicate the progress and challenges frequently and give recognitions to each and every individual for their success.Give them a feel of ownership in their work.

If I missed any important point related to the above topic, then please share your valuable thoughts and comment below.


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