Is Blind Hiring A Perfect Practice?

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Recently I saw lots of discussions about Blind Hiring. Everyone have their own point of view about blind hiring, according to some people it’s a good approach and some are not agreeing about it.

Firstly let’s gain some knowledge about blind hiring. It’s a practice in which employee judges a job candidate without a resume, personal details and not even their names. It’s and idea in which there will be no room for a resume, which is a critical tool in the selection process. Instead of going through the traditional way of accepting and screening resumes, some of the companies are choosing to skip it and assigning some task to candidates as per the job role.

In this process hiring manager doesn’t know anything about a candidate, which location is he belongs to, education qualification, what was the previous job role, how much experience he is having, not even his achievements and failures.

Don’t you think it’s bit crazy?


“Blind hiring is like a blind date when you are meeting someone, everything matters. Not only looks rest of the things should also be considered knowledge, attitude, how emotional intelligent is the other person, Similarly when you are hiring very aspect of candidate personality matters not only their skills, rest of the things as well”

Blind Hiring process:

Blind_HiringEmployers do the job postings along with Job Description; they give some sort of challenge or give any mock-up project, on the basis of their performance, employer hire the best candidate.

No resume, No personal details, No credentials needed.

Blind hiring process is used to overcome unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workforce. It already eliminates the bias that comes with a prestigious school or a competitor in the industry.

 I agree that Blind hiring is giving a chance to the deserving candidates but still there are some flaws in it.

Flaws in Blind Hiring Process:

  • Research already stated that the recruiter and hiring manager tends to consider candidates which are having the similar demographic background and as we are involved in hiring process, it’s well known that demographic changes affect organisations and Managers. Blind hiring ignores it.
  • It is being observed that once candidate comes to know about mock-up projects for proving their calibre, they generally backed out as they are not ready to work for free
  • The interview is a mutual process, not only employer interviews the candidate, candidates also do interview the employer, this kind of interaction is not possible over chats or emails. Candidates will not be able to show their real personalities and don’t even they have any knowledge about the companies work culture.
  • This method is also neglecting the emotional intelligence that is needed in the interview process. As we know how important role the emotional intelligence plays for making a great team. Hiring on the basis of candidate’s experience and aptitude misses many points.
  • Keep in mind, personality is also an important factor when considering a new hire. The right candidate will share your corporate values and mesh well with your team.
  • Make sure that the people you hire also qualify well on a personal level. A good hire will hype your productivity, and in turn, will also be beneficial for him. Bad hiring can hurt your business, and your inaction will make things worse to handle.

Please share your experiences with Blind Hiring, Is it helping you or not?

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