7 Best Practices to build good relationship between Hiring Manager and Recruiter:

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The often rocky relationship between recruiters and hiring managers is a chief source of the pain. Although recruiters and hiring managers aim to achieve the same goal, their relationships can be laden with miscommunication and problems that ultimately create obstacles to acquiring the best talent in a timely manner. Let’s fix it with some small steps:

  • Set Hiring as your main priority

We should try to get effective result from our hiring process by building a good relationship. Recruiters can source best profiles but what if hiring manager doesn’t review or interview the candidate’s profile. Not only HR but everybody should give their equal participation in hiring process. Everybody should discuss points as much as possible.

  • Meet Face to Face

Break the traditional way of communicating over phone, hiring manager and recruiter should meet each other face to face, which will make way for honest communication. And it will definitely help the recruiter to get an ideal candidate.

  • Interview Each Other

Hiring managers and recruiters should carry same approach as they do while sourcing talent; discuss everything in detail, about who will be the ideal candidate. Hiring manager should make sure that recruiter will not only comfortable with, but competent enough to provide best talent. And Recruiter should make sure that the hiring manager is clear with their objective.

  • I Trust You

Recruiter should earn trust of the hiring manager; I can only be achieved by learning the needs of hiring manager in depth, communicating each and every point about the candidates and keeping relationship friendly but very professionally.

  • Stay Positive

Always carry a positive mood while contacting hiring managers, so call them up when you are in very good mood, in order to spread some happiness and solidify the relationship.

  • Communication is important

Both should share and set expectation for how you will communicate with each other, be prompt with your communication, one should share complete feedback with each other even if the candidate is not good. Delay in communication will just hinder the relationship between both of you. Calling each other is a best way to communicate.

  • Tell Me More

If recruiter wants to build a prefect relationship with hiring manager, they should adapt a curious attitude

Recruiters need to ask more probing “how” and “why” questions: Why is the role open? How will it impact your business if the role isn’t filled? How does your company bring new products to the market?More they will show their curiosity, more information they will get from hiring manager, and it will help them to sell better career opportunities to candidates.

Share your views and let us know if you have any other ways to build this gap.

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